Rimmel Metal Rush Pearly Queen Flip Your Colour

Rimmel Metal Rush in Pearly Queen has an enticing colour that instantly makes you pick it off the shelf.

With shades of green,pink and purple, Rimmel’s Flip Your Colour is a unique but eyecatching combination.

The nail varnish took around two coatings for the colour to fully coat the whole nail but I found it to be very quick drying.When I turn my nails one one way they are pink, and when I flip them the other way they are light green. The purple is not so evident on the nails but by a mixture of green and pink the purple is slightly evident.

With a protection covering the nails aren’t prone to chipping and I feel I can get a good few days wear out of this nail varnish.

I’ll give it 5/5 for its uniqueness and great colours!


  • Fantastic flip colour nail varnish
  • Unique colouring is really on trend
  • Long lasting so it does not chip easily
  • Dries quickly


  • None as far as I can see!