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Rimmel Magnif’Eyes London Nudes Calling review

rimmel magnif'eyes london nudes calling review

What the brand says
Part of the new Rimmel Autumn/Winter releases comes Magnif’eyes. The new range of eyeshadows are available in three palettes; Keep Calm & Wear Gold, London Nudes Calling and Grunge Glamour. Each palette has 8 shades that are a mixture of matte and shimmer textures.

The Lowdown
When I bought the Scandaleyes Reloaded mascara recently I saw the palette in London Nudes Calling and knew I had to add it to my collection. In the palette there are two flat matte shades, a sparkly beige gold matte and 5 shimmery shades.

rimmel magnif'eyes london nudes calling palette

There are a few light shades in the palette but the majority are a lot darker and perfect for the upcoming festive season. The palette comes complete with a mirror and a double ended sponge brush.

rimmel magnif'eyesSome of the shimmery shades in this palette are so pigmented, especially 5 and 6. There’s also a real chameleon effect to some of the shades too as the shades in the palette look quite flat but really come to life on the skin (just look at 5 and 6 in the swatch). Even the matte shades have quite a lot of pigment which is quite unusual for cheaper palettes.

When applied with a brush the quality of the eyeshadows seems to dramatically change. Some of the eyeshadows are breakable and I did end up with quite a lot of product around my eye. I tried a number of different looks and found the shades didn’t blend well together despite a good attempt.

The colour pay off when applying with a brush is pretty poor so if you want the best results it’s best to apply with your fingers.

Over the course of the day the shades do seem to blend together somehow and look a lot more natural. The eyeshadow is still visible at the end of the day and there was no glitter that had dropped around my eyes.

rimmel magnif'eyes london nudes calling eyeshadow ideas

These are the looks I created with the palette.

Brown eyes nudes
1. First I applied shade 2 all over the lid and up to the brow bone
2. Shade 4 is applied all over my lid.
3. Finally I blended shade 6 onto the outer edge of my lid

rimmel magnif'eyes london nudes calling nudes look

For the next look I used the pinker shades.
1. Firstly I applied shade 1 all over the lid and up to the brow bone.
2. I used shade 3 as my medium shade and blended this over the lid
3. Finally I chose shade 7 for the outer edge of my eye to give a more defined effect.

rimmel magnif'eyes review

All in all I was expecting a lot from this palette on the initial swatch. I don’t really think it quite lives up to that as the colour is a lot weaker when applied with a brush and the shades don’t seem to blend very well together. As there are quite a lot of colours in the palette you could probably wear them separately as they do seem to work quite well on their own.

I give it 2/5

Get it for £7.99 at Boots