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Rimmel London Quad Eyeshadow

This quad eyeshadow by Rimmel offers a shade that would appeal to everyone. The colour base of purple, dark blue, light blue and grey give you the option to mix and match, apply singly or go for a really dramatic look depending on the time of day.

The packaging is relatively simple with a clear front and black background. It is easy to open and store and the product has lasted me quite a while so a little really does go a long way.

The eyeshadow is quite matte and applies very easily to your eyelid. As the shadow is matte it means it’s very unlikely to crease or diseppear by the end of the day. On this occasion I only applied the purple eyeshadow, the main reason for this being I do feel in many ways the colours are mismatched. For example you could simply use the two blues together, but as for purple and grey I just don’t feel they mix all that well. I find that with a lot of Rimmel’s trio or quad eyeshadows the colours always tend to be a little contradictory of each other.

The purple shade is quite vivid and really draws attention to my eyes. It is however quite plain and there’s no added sparkle or anything to the shadow.

Overall it’s a eyeshadow that does give you value for money with the palette of colours, but I do feel that whilst they work great alone, as a quad the colours don’t quite work.