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Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Smokey Purple Review


Rimmel’s Glam Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Smokey Purple has a range of muted purple and pale shades to create a low key smokey eye.

Having tried quite a few of Rimmel’s Glam Eyes quads I had quite a lot of expectation for this eyeshadow. My initial thoughts were that some of the shades were quite hard to make visible on the eye, especially shade 2 – the light lilac. I had to apply the colour several times to get a good amount of colour on each eye. This may be intentional however which is why the Smokey eyes final appearance is so light.

To achieve the Smokey eye I followed the guide on the back of the palette, applying shade 2 (lilac) to the inner and outer corner of my eye. I followed this with shade 1 (pink) in the middle of the eye which I accentuated with shade 3 (white) on the brow arch. Finally I blended shade 4 (dark blue) into the outer corner of the eye.

The quad is long lasting and the eyeshadow doesn’t crease. For its longevity and versatility I give Smokey Purple 3/5.