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Revlon : Diamond Lust eyeshadow

The most important thing about a eyeshadow is that is makes your eyes the centre of attention.

Revlon Diamond Lust eyeshadow comes in a rather bulky package which takes up a lot of room so take heed if you don’t have much space!

It appears really sparkly and pretty through the see through case which inspired me to buy it as generally that’s the result i’ll end up getting. The eyeshadow doesn’t come with a brush so you just apply it with your fingers and it goes on really smoothly, although it does feel a bit salty under your fingertips.

Diamond lust is a almost beige/gold colour that is most likely to suit all eye colours although it may bring out lighter ones more. After application your eyes immediatly look really sparkly and the light reflects off the shadow really well. However the colour is not that lookatme that people will instantly notice it and comment.  This eyeshadow is great for a subtle look that is good for work or more private affairs. If you were to wear this of a evening it can be spruced up with massive false eyelashes and a lot of eyeliner.

At around £6-7 Revlon prices it isn’t cheap but you can find it cheaper on makeup sites that retail such products or in cheap department stores like TJ Hughes. Try Ebay for a good starting out point for cheap Revlon makeup. I’d give it a 3/5.