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Revlon Custom Eyes Masacra

I bought this mascara under the recommendation of a friend, in the end I bought the wrong one but it looked good so I thought why not try it. The mascara comes in a small tube and has a quite large plastic brush which gives the impression it covers all lashes.

Now what marks this mascara out as different from the others on the shelf is its claim to give two different mascara options: 1. – Add length and drama, and 2 – Add length and definition.

I quite eagerly tried both options but I could not see any change happening with the mascara at all. When you twist the nozzle the wand stayed the same shape and consistency so I don’t quite understand how they can claim any difference in overall effect.

The result is pretty average, my lashes were covered quite well with both options but there was no wow affect. On the plus side the mascara doesn’t clump and your lashes are left feeling pretty individualised.

    Option 1 – Length and Drama                                                               Option 2 – Length and Definition



You can buy this mascara for £4.45 from Ebay