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Reverse the signs of ageing with the NEWA anti-ageing device

newa anti ageing device

What the brand says
With so many people wanting to reverse the signs of ageing, the anti-ageing market is huge. Unlike your usual lotions and potions, NEWA is a brand new device that uses the power of 3Deep Technology to help stimulate the skin, penetrating it with controlled energy that helps to stimulate the production of new, healthier collagen.

3Deep Technology has been used by dermatologists and clinics around the world and has been proven effective in reducing fines lines and wrinkles. Over time it will help to slow down and counteract the ageing process, with clinical tests confirming wrinkles can be reduced by an average of 36%.

The Lowdown
So as you  know if you’ve been following me over the years I’ve tried so many different anti-ageing creams, and even devices. I’ve had varying levels of success but nothing that I would say is revolutionary in any way.

newa anti ageing device electrodes

The NEWA is quite a new concept to me and takes me out of my comfort zone a little bit. Unlike a cream which you can just apply in the bathroom, the NEWA uses electricity to conduct energy which helps to stimulate the renewal of collagen. After I cleansed my skin I plug the device in my bedroom and rub the device over my problem areas.

newa anti ageing lift activator gel

The NEWA has two heat settings, and gradually warms up to deliver the energy to my skin. To use I applied the Lift Activator Gel directly onto the electrodes and then circled my problem areas for 4 minutes. Whilst they advise you use the device on setting 2 I wouldn’t really recommend it. The electrons get very hot, even on setting 1 and went as far as to burn my skin when circling on my delicate eye area.

The NEWA device is quite interactive and they encourage you to record your progress on the NEW Mobile app (available on the Google and Apple store).

before using newa anti ageing device

I like the concept of the NEWA and I’m keen to see if it works. I do feel that it’s a bit of a pain having to go out of the bathroom to use the device though and it can be a bit uncomfortable to use on certain areas as it gets so hot. I’m going to use it for the next 6 weeks and then show you how it performed. Keep tuning in for the results!

It’s currently £279.99 (RRP £349.00) at  Current Body.