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Relieve the stress out of your body with Olverum Bath Oil

The Hype
Olverum Bath Oil has a unique combination of luxuriously blended essential oils to help relieve any stress and tension. The oils work to bring your mind and body back to normal so you can go back to your usual self.

The Lowdown
As soon as the oil was placed into the bath the herbal scent filled the air. The scent was very strong and overwhelmed my senses. As someone who prefers floral sweet smells the smell wasn’t really that pleasant but it really helped to clear my mind. Whilst I can’t say I’m overly stressed at the moment the oil helped to rid my mind of any thoughts and I felt a lot lighter at the end of the bath.

If you need a bit of a time out after a hard day then I would recommend Olverum oil to help you get back to your normal self. I give it 3/5

Get it for £23.50 at Olverum online