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Reduce oiliness with Skin Doctors T-Zone Control Oil Cleanser


The Hype
There’s nothing worse than oily skin to make your skin prone to spots and your makeup more likely to slip off. Skin Doctors have developed a new T-zone control oil cleanser that is paraben free to remove excess oil, makeup and dirt whilst working to purify your pores and balance the skin.

The Lowdown
Whenever I apply makeup I always end up with a really oily t-zone. It really ruins the effect of my makeup, despite using powder, and leads to it partly slipping off. I felt the cleanser was perfect for me due to this and I was keen to see if it would help eliminate this annoying problem!

The cleanser has a slight lather and a really lovely fresh smell which will help you wake up in the morning. After washing it off my skin felt more toned and really soft. My skin did appear slightly less oily around the forehead area.

The cleanser can be used daily as a face wash and is really gentle to use. It’s a lovely cleanser that leaves your skin looking and feeling great. Give it a go.

I give it 4/5

It’s available for £14.95 at Skin Doctors.