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Reboot your body without a strict detox program

When it comes to rebooting your body many people resort to harsh detox programs. However taking this strict boot camp regime doesn’t always pay off when you return to normal life as you slip into old routines. The best way to reboot your body is to use subtle changes that can have long term, cumulative effects on your body and attitude to life.

In a typical week we all have our own routines that rarely change. To avoid things becoming monotonous and robotic it’s time to take a new look at life and do something that gives you you time. This can include going for a brisk walk in the morning for 30 minutes to clear your head or stretching for 30 minutes. Apart from improving your circulation and helping towards your long term health the time is yours without interuption.

After a warm shower turn the water to cold for ten seconds. Whilst it may seem like the last thing you want to do it can actually help improve your circulation and give you a fresh rosey glow.


Try to find the time in your day to step away from the laptop, TV or any other screen and find a open space. By focusing on a horizon for 15 minutes you release endorphins that are similar to those released by a workout.

If you find it hard to sleep at night this may be down to your sleep pattern. Always try to get to bed before midnight to get as much sleep as possible. Switch off computers, TV and electrics 30 minutes before you go to sleep as it gives time for your brain to settle and shut down. With no distractions you’re less likely to stay on a thinking loop that makes you unable to sleep.

Are you worried about cellulite or your bum sagging? To get as close to a J Lo bum as possible take the stairs. Every step involves lifting your body weight thus working all your muscles and increasing your bum firmness.

If you often wake up with a puffy face or eyes try sprinkling a couple of drops of rose and lavender oils on your pillow before sleep. It calms the skin tissue and helps to reduce puffiness.


Looking for a glow from within?
Why not try Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder. The wild harvested African super fruit has twice the skin beautifying antioxidant power of Goji berries, plus a heavy dose of Vitamin C and B6. It can be eaten in smoothies, fruit juice or even sprinkled over your cereal. In no time at all glowy skin will be yours.