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Really simple nail art tutorial to recreate: Penguin Paradise

The Penguin Paradise nail design is so easy to recreate and it looks great. Perfect for hte first itmers!

1. Firstly paint your nails using a light blue shade, I chose Barry M in Sugar Apple
2. Get a black nail art pen or if you’re feeling really brave, a black nail varnish and create a penguin shape. Barry M nail art pens are so simple to use.
3. Get a white nail art pen or varnish and create his chest and eyes by creating a large oblong at the bottom and two dots at the top. Leave a small black outline when creating his belly
4. Get a orange pen or nail varnish and create a small beak and two feet
5. Finally get your white pen again and apply small dots over your other nails to look like snowflakes

I hope you enjoy and do send me your pictures if you recreate it yourself!!