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Primark PS…Strobing Highlighter Cream Review


primark ps... strobing highlighter cream review

What does Primark say about Primark PS Strobing highlighter cream?

Primark’s Strobing highlighters have been designed to help you keep up with the strobing trend. At just £2 they’re a lot cheaper than the majority of other brands but promise to give the same effect. The cream highlighters are currently available in two shades.

The Lowdown

The packaging of this highlighter looks almost identical to Makeup Revolution primer. The two however are of course very different products. For the review I am testing Oyster Pink, a very light sheer pink shade. It’s really creamy so I wouldn’t advise to apply too much, after all a little goes a long way. When swatched the highlighter dries to a pearly white shimmer.

primark ps strobing highlighter cream

When first applied the highlighter it had a very subtle light shimmer. I applied a little more than normal to get more of a effect but it’s not too visible in the photo when I applied it to my face. In terms of longevity the highlighter does tend to fade although remnants of glitter do remain. On one side of my face I noticed it seemed to clump my foundation which was a bit annoying and it didn’t look too good!

I can’t say this was the best highlighter I’ve ever tried. It does look fairly natural for a highlighter initially which is good if you don’t want anything too heavy but the effect does tend to fade. If you’re looking for a really good highlighter I would probably recommend the Sleek Solstice palette.

I give it 2/5

What do you think of the highlighter? Have you tried it out – or do you prefer some of Primark’s other products? Let me know in the comments below!

before and after primark ps strobing highlighter cream



primark makeup strobing highlighter review