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Primark PS… Contour Kit Review

primark ps... contour kit

What does Primark claim the PS… Contour Kit can do?

Contouring is still a hot topic in the beauty sphere and Primark whose beauty range PS… is ever expanding are keen to focus on this.

PS Contour Kit comes with 3 shades to help sculpt and define features for a defined finish.

The lowdown

I did buy this quite a few months ago but I have so much makeup to get through I haven’t had a chance to review it yet!

primark ps... contour kit shades

I’ve tried a few of Primark’s PS… range (see the liquid foundation and lipstick review) and I have found in view of the price the quality of the products are not too bad.

The contour kit has three shades, a light brown for contouring, a dark brown for bronzing and a light beige for highlighting. I like how the kit comes with a little guide on how to contour and there’s a clear idea of which shade does what on the back of the box. This is great for any beginners who might not be sure what to do. My first impressions of the highlight are that it seems quite matte and more like a compact powder then a normal highlighter. It comes with a mirror which is great for when you’re out on the go and there is a mini brush that comes with it.

primark ps... contour kit shade guide

The guide made this really easy to use and I was able to quickly contour my face without having to think too hard about what goes where. the mid brown shade seemed like ti wasn’t doing too much at first but then I noticed the colour slowly builds up. The contour kit really helped to warm my skin up especially around my nose and cheeks. I also think it helped to define my features a lot more too. The highlighter shimmer is very light and not what you’d normally expect from a highlighter. If you prefer a more natural highlight you might like this but if you don’t it probably won’t do much for you.

At £4.00 this is a real budget bargain, it’s great for beginners as it tells you where you need to contour and has all the tools you’ll need including a brush.

Get it at most Primark stores.

I give it 4/5

before and after primark ps... contour kit



primark ps contour kit review