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The Happy Couple: Primark Blusher and Bronzer

When you’re short on money buying a product that is both a blusher and a bronzer is a real bargain. This Primark blusher and bronzer duo has a lovely cute cartoon design that looks more alike Benefit packaging then Primark and really inspires you to pick it off the shelf.

Today I am just reviewing the blusher part of the package. As described on the box the blusher is sat alongside the blusher and you have half of each to use. As it is quite small it may run out quickly but at only around £2 its a product that will hardly break the bank if you need to get a new one.

The blusher applies really easily and you can easily get colour on the first application. I love this as you get a lot of blushers where even after five applications you can still hardly see it. The colour is a really sweet pink hue that makes you look really healthy and well.

The blusher has very good staying power and generally stays on for hours without sinking into the skin which is surprising for cheap makeup ranges. Just be aware however as the product is so small you may struggle to get big blusher brushes in and may end up mixing the blusher with bronzer.


primark blusher and bronzer


My overall rating of the Primark blusher and bronzer duo is 4/5. Have you ever tried it?



The range is available from all good Primark stores.