Pot Noodle search for the new face of their super hot flavour Piri Piri chicken

Pot Noodle are on the verge of launching their brand new flavour Piri Piri Chicken and need a smokin’ hot girl to be the face.

So became the search for the Pot-U-Gal (see what they did there?)

The auditions on Thursday 18th April brang together a range of girls of all heights, race, and looks determined to make it as the spiciest model on the market.

So what was involved?

First we had the rather simple, but silly walk in a big square with a pot noodle on our heads. I, of course couldn’t keep the thing on once, I’m sure I must have a dome head! Others fared much better.

Next up was the rather predictable taste test to see who could eat the most in 30 seconds. I wasn’t feeling hungry and spices aren’t my favourite thing so my score was a pretty impressive two mouthfuls!

After lunch we had a quick tutorial on a portugese dance which was rather energetic. Then we were split into groups and instructed to do it again from memory. If you look closely you can see me in the back in one of the videos!

Last up was speaking a Portugese phrase which in English translates into “Oh my god that’s spicy.” There seemed to be a theme of Chinese whispers as the phrase transformed all the way down the line.

With the challenges over it was time to reveal the winner…

It wasn’t me. You’ll soon find out who it was in the adverts.