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Pixie by Petra Lip Blush in Energy review

The Hype
Pixi by Petra Lip Blush is a range of long lasting, sheer yet pigmented lip stains.

The range which comes in four shades, Energy, Purity, Youth and Luck are designed to provide a matte colour that lasts for a minimum of 8 hours. The Lip blush has a unique feather light water stain that provides long lasting deep colour that does not dry out your lips.

Lips are left supple and hydrated and the colour can be built up with darkened layers.

The Lowdown
For the purpose of the review I am trying the lip stain in Energy. The packaging is super cute and really stands out with the contrast of the light green package and gold trim. Instead of a typical lipstick/lipgloss format the lip stain is essentially like a marker pen. With a marker tip the product is really easy to apply and you can direct it exactly where you want it.

When swatched the colour was really faint so I was worried it wouldn’t have much of a effect. It is however easy to build up colour to create more of a impact. The consistency of the product is quite watery but the colour easily transfers onto my lips. There was no dryness or stickiness once it was applied either.

The colour is pleasant but even after layering it on the colour impact is minimal.

Unfortunately the product started to fade within a hour and things like licking my lips (which I can’t help doing) and eating and drinking reduce it even more. Considering the product claims to last 8 hours I was extremely disappointed it didn’t even last one.

I had read many positive reviews on this product with claims that it lasted for hours, which I find hard to believe. When I buy a lip  product I expect it to last and I don’t think a water based product really has the potential to do that.

I give it a disappointed 1.5/5

Get yours for £12.50 at Pixi