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5 ways you can stay active this Winter

If you want to avoid going into full on hibernation mode this winter follow my 5 top tips to stay active this Winter I completely agree that winter is the hardest time to get motivated. It’s cold and dark outside and boy does a cosy night in front of Netflix sound inviting. Whilst turning into a couch potato is so tempting it really does nothing…

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The best winter scented candles that will give your home a cosy feel

Make your home feel warm and inviting with ten of the best scented candles Let’s picture the scene you’re at home in your living room, the fire is burning and you’re reading a good book. There’s only one thing missing that would really make for a cosy night in – a winter candle. Candles are great for making your home smell amazing and making everything…

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Revitalise your skin with the rosehip oil infused skincare range Rosehip Plus

Rosehip oil has taken the beauty industry by storm and you can transform your skin with the exclusive Rosehip Plus skin care range. We’ve all heard of the wonderful skin boosting benefits of ingredients like vitamin c and retinol – now it’s time for rosehip oil to show you what it’s made of. Rosehip oil has become a new skincare favourite both for its anti…

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10 popular posts from Glitz and Glamour Makeup in 2018

Another year is at a close and it’s time to reveal 10 of the most popular posts from 2018. Can you believe 2018 is pretty much over? I swear every year seems to go quicker as I get older. Over the course of the year I’ve been writing about a whole range of makeup including Smashbox mascara and Revolution Pro foundation drops. I’ve also shared tips…

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New years resolution ideas and aims for 2019

Last year my only New Years Resolution was to read more, I’ve been a lot more inspired for 2019. Check out my list of New Years resolution ideas and aims to achieve in 2019 It’s New Years Eve so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to wish you all a happy new year. Last year I didn’t make too many resolutions – other then…

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Get high end makeup at high street prices with Aldi Lacura makeup dupes

Forget paying big bucks for high end makeup, Aldi makes designer makeup accessible for everyone with their Lacura range Do you wish you could buy Charlotte Tilbury makeup at high street prices? You may be delighted to know you can – well a almost identical Charlotte Tilbury dupe anyway. Aldi’s Lacura range imitates many big budget brands like Benefit, Nars and of course Charlotte Tilbury.…

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Give Me Argan oil and coconut oil hair mask review

Will Give Me Argan oil and Coconut oil hair mask give you the glossy hair of your dreams? I’ll reveal all in my latest review When I first saw the results of the Give Me Argan oil and coconut oil hair mask my eyes were on stalks. It looked amazing – it created hair so glossy and shiny it looked like it had literally jumped…

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Fund your dreams with the best high paying savings accounts

Start from just £1 with the high paying savings accounts and current accounts that will help you fund your beauty addiction, a house or a new car By now you’ve probably done all of your Christmas shopping and your bank balance may be looking a little empty. Do you wish you could still treat your friends and family to lots of presents and still have…

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My travel bucket list

Bucket lists are a great way of challenging yourself to try something you might not do otherwise. Get your sunglasses on and grab your suitcase as I’ll tell you all about the must see destinations on my travel bucket list. There’s some places in the world that I have always vowed to see in my time on earth. Whilst I may have only read reviews…

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The best free online lottery games and raffles

Save your pennies and try your luck at the fabulous range of online lottery games and raffles giving hundreds of pounds away every day Lotteries are a great way of giving us hope that one day we could escape the daily grind. Who would say no to a winning lottery ticket that could mean quitting your job, buying a huge house, luxury cars and being debt…

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