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UK Blog Awards 2016

  The 29th April 2016 was a special day in the hearts of many bloggers. It was a night of glamour, recognition and fun, the UK Blog Awards 2016. I was lucky enough to have been shortlisted for two categories, beauty and lifestyle and was super excited to attend my first ever award ceremony. The awards were held at the Park Plaza hotel on Westminster…

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My First Flight

My first flight was when I was the grand old age of 19, so in comparison to some who start flying when they’re still a babe I was pretty old. I wanted to go abroad before then, and I did go to Spain with the school when I was 13 but that was unfortunately on a coach. I can’t tell you how rubbish it is…

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What’s in my makeup bag?

When it comes to makeup I do tend to wear the same sort of products every day. If i’m planning on going out for a date or dinner then I’ll add a few little extras like false lashes and more exaggerated eyeliner. I typically like to go for a cute but statement look and here’s what I use to achieve it. Mascara I love using…

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How to clean your makeup brushes

The quality of your makeup brushes are paramount to get that pro-makeup look you desire. Whilst there are many amazing branded makeup brushes available, if you don’t take care of them even the best brand will start to lose their effectiveness. Why should you clean your makeup brushes I hear you ask? Your skin contains a lot of dirt and oil that gets transferred to…

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10 tips on how to achieve healthy nails

Brittle, flaky nails look awful and can make your confidence drop. With a little care and attention you can restore nails to their former glory and you’ll no longer have to resort to using false nails. Here’s 10 top tips on how to achieve healthy nails How to look after your finger nails! Trim your nails regularly If you want to grow your nails long…

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Maybelline Dream Velvet Matte Foundation Review

What the brand says Maybelline Dream Velvet aims to give you fresh flawless skin with the first ever gel whipped foundation. Skin is left looking smooth with a velvet like finish for 12 hours. With its hydrating properties the foundation claims to be long lasting without drying out. It’s currently available in 6 shades. The Lowdown I’ve tried a few matte foundations and have found…

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Miss Sporty Clubbing Color Pinkkle: Nail of the day

Miss Sporty Clubbing colour nail polish in Pinkkle 60 is a gorgeous iridescent pink shade with elements of silver running through it. It’s such a pretty shade when I bought it I couldn’t wait to try it on. The brush is quite thick so it’s easier to apply the nail varnish. The varnish is so thick I only really needed one layer for full coverage.…

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MUA Elysium Elements Review

What the brand says MUA Elysium Elements is a 10 shade palette with a range of rich jewelled tones. The shades have been designed so they can be worn alone or layered to create a different look. The dual end black/brown eye pencil is perfect for adding further definition for a stronger or more of a statement look. It’s currently available in two palettes with…

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Buying a bra: The golden rules

  Because your boobs need to be treated right   Guest post by Aran Sweaters Direct   You’ve probably heard the figures. It’s thought that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Why is that important? Well not only can clothes look ill-fitting or uneven, you could develop back problems from a lack of adequate support. It could also lead to a…

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Glamour Spring Edit 2016 Review

  With the dawn of Spring comes the new Glamour Spring Beauty Box 2016. The new box which has items worth a whopping £79.65 has had items picked exclusively by Alessandra Steinherr. Us beauty enthusiasts don’t pay full price however as the box is only £17.99 to buy. I haven’t bought a beauty box for a while, mainly because they end up being a bit…

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