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Valentine’s Day 2019 gift guide

Roses are red, violets are blue, are you struggling to find a gift for your beau? I’ve put together 10 of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day 2019 Finding the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day can be a tricky, whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for years. With so many gifts available how do you choose the gift that will make…

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Win Revolution Totally Soph kit

Enjoy a unique Christmas collaboration between Revolution and Sophdoesnails with her Revolution Totally Soph kit Today I’ve got a post you’re going to love. I’m giving you the chance to win your very own Revolution Totally Soph kit. The set is one of the Christmas collaborations between Revolution and the YouTube star Sophdoesnails. The set normally retails for £30.00 but it’s currently on sale. Here’s…

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Wardrobe essentials every woman must own

Not sure what staples should be in your wardrobe? Guest post blogger Paula will reveal the wardrobe essentials you need in your wardrobe in 2019 A woman’s wardrobe may change from season to season, but many would agree that there must always be a set of timeless, useful basics that can anchor whatever trendy piece or statement item we buy. After all, a strong foundation…

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10 cheap makeup and beauty buys under £10.00

After Christmas it can be hard to find the money to scrape together to treat yourself. Worry not however as I’ve found 10 cheap makeup and beauty buys that will keep you going till you’re paid again January is a pretty long month, you got paid weeks ago and most of your salary was taken up by buying Christmas presents. So what do you do…

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Transform your blogging schedule with Buffer the social media manager

Fed up of jumping from social network to social network to schedule your blog content? Buffer is a social media manager that will transform your blogging life and reduce your workload tenfold. Managing your social media schedule can often be a full time job in itself. Buffer aims to make your life easier by acting as a social media manager that allows you to schedule…

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What’s in my makeup bag Winter edition

Want to know what’s in my makeup bag this Winter? Here’s a snapshot into everything I wear from base to eyeshadow to get my day to day look. It’s been a while since I revealed what’s in my makeup bag, and with a new season comes new makeup. My winter makeup bag still focuses heavily on products that make my eyes stand out alongside those…

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Primark PS Velvet Finish foundation review

Get a second skin effect with Primark PS Velvet Finish foundation Foundation is probably one of the most expensive parts of your makeup kit and when you buy one you want it to work. Whilst many expensive foundations promise you’ll be walking around like you’ve just walked off the set of Britain’s Next Top Model, not all live up to their promise. I love trying…

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How to keep warm during the colder months

During Winter it can be hard to keep warm, especially with the biting wind. I’ll help you to keep the cold out with 10 tips that will help you keep warm this season If you’re one of those people who is always cold then Winter is probably your least favourite season. Whilst you may want to walk around snuggled in your duvet, you may get…

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Brighten up January and enter to win a massive beauty bundle

Make January a month to look forward to and enter to win my bumper beauty bundle competition Despite what you might think January is not all doom and gloom. With the Oscars, a whole new year of holiday to book and the January sales there’s lots to look forward to. To make it even better I’ve got a brand new competition for you to enter…

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January detox ideas to start the new year with a bang

Give your body a cleanse with 5 of the easiest detox ideas Christmas time is the season of indulgence. Over those festive fuelled days you probably eat more calories than you would in a month. Whilst the endless turkey sandwiches, Christmas pudding and bubbles tastes fabulous your body is not such a fan. Too much fats, sugars and other bad stuff can lead to us…

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