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Discover how to earn up to £200 by sharing your opinion in focus groups

Focus groups are a fantastic quick easy way to earn money. Discover how you can start earning big with paid market research Whilst there are many ways to earn money on the side with things like money making apps and surveys, it can take a while to earn a decent amount. The best way to earn a large amount in a short space of time…

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Maybelline Snapscara makes applying mascara as easy as 123

Fed up of mascaras that take a age to remove? It’s time to check out Maybelline Snapscara, the new mascara revolution that makes taking off mascara as enjoyable as putting it on. Maybelline Snapscara is a new wax free mascara that aims to make applying and removing it as easy as 123. It’s designed to give volumised, well defined lashes that are clump free. Today…

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Learn how to get creases out of clothes without a iron

Discover how you can use your straighteners to get creases out of clothes wherever you are. Say bye bye to creases that appear at the most awkward times Have you ever been to a festival or on a big night out and realised your top is more wrinkly than your granny? Some fabrics are notorious for creasing if you so much as sneeze, and it…

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Get a fresh radiant finish with Max Factor Radiant Lift foundation

With Spring on its way it’s time to ditch the heavy foundations and embrace the lightness of Max Factor Radiant Lift foundation When I’m looking for a new foundation I look for two key elements- radiance and a flawless finish. Imagine my delight when I discovered Max Factor Radiant lift foundation. The new foundation promises radiance and long Wear coverage. Available in 18 shades it…

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Discover how to make money with the Vypr app

Make extra money for that mascara you really want with the Vypr app. They will pay you for sharing your opinion about food and drink There are many great money making apps out there, but one of my favourites has to be Vypr. I first discovered the Vypr app a number of years ago when it was still pretty undiscovered. It is a app based…

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The perfect date night outfits for every occasion

Do you find planning the perfect date night outfit a chore? I’ve come up with the perfect date night outfits for every occasion. Planning a date night with your beau? If you’ve landed on this page you’re probably wondering what sort of thing you should wear. Depending on where you’re going you should tailor your outfit to suit the occasion. Whether it’s a casual meal…

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Most disappointing makeup products

Ever tried a new makeup product and thought eurgh? Today I’m revealing 6 of my latest disappointing makeup products As a beauty blogger I’m always trying out new makeup products. Whilst I’m genuinely pretty happy with most of the stuff I try sometimes there are disappointing makeup products that doesn’t quite live up to their claims. My aim at Glitz and Glamour Makeup is to…

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How I unwind in the evening with Revolution Vanilla Spin bath bomb

Let’s face it work can really stress you out sometimes. Whether it’s moany customers or endless paperwork, evening is the perfect time to relax and unwind. Follow my steps on how I unwind from having a cup of tea to having a bath with Revolution Vanilla Spin bath bomb. When I’ve had a long hard day at work I love nothing more then pampering myself…

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Embrace your inner unicorn with 10 fashion and beauty must buys

Don’t be shy immerse yourself in the unicorn Revolution with my top ten must have treats. It’s time to let that inner unicorn go In the last couple of years the unicorn trend has grown phenomenally. Whether you want to sparkle like a unicorn or simply dress like one I’ve got you covered. I’ve found ten of the best unicorn fashion and beauty treats which will help you unleash that inner unicorn and…

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9 anti-aging home remedies to help you look young forever

Don’t spend hundreds of pounds on lotions and potions that promise to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Save your money and try these anti-aging home remedies to help you look young for as long as possible. Lets face it aging is a fact of life. Whilst we can’t stop the hands of time, the look of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin is something that…

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