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14 vitamins that will give you healthy skin and nails

  Vitamins help your body function efficiently and go a long way in maintaining healthy skin. It is a well-known fact that fruits and veggies are the best sources of vitamins. Eating healthily can save you from a lot of skin problems such as blemishes, sores, inflammations, fine lines and age spots. Conversely, eating unhealthy food will impact not just your health, but your skin…

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Makeup Revolution Girl Panic Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatch

What the brand says Discover a whole new collection of shades with Makeup Revolution Girl Panic. In the new girly inspired collection there are 18 shades; 12 of which are shimmer and 6 are matte. The Lowdown So it’s the usual story, I was having a little browse in Superdrug whilst waiting for Peugeot to install Carplay on my car. I don’t know if any…

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My top 5 favourite places to shop

Like any girl I love to shop. I’m not really a fan of designer, mainly because of the cost attached, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look fashionable. High street stores have so many designer inspired trends these days there’s really no need to spend hundreds of pounds on a little dress or pair of jeans. I think sometimes even the high street…

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George Strobing Kit Review

  What the brand says Getting a gorgeous glow is made possible for even the smallest pockets with  George Strobing Kit highlight and glow. The Lowdown Highlighters are ten ‘a’ penny nowadays but when you find one that really works it calls for a little squeal of delight. That’s what I was hoping for when I discovered the new George Strobing Kit. The kit is…

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Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

All the work you put into a perfectly made-up face will do no good if you’re applying all that makeup with the wrong type of brush. That’s because the right brush matched with the right product makes your job easier and better, too. Take your lips: Applying different types of lipstick can be tricky. But a lip brush—long, soft bristles, tapered—helps in both application and…

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Veet aim to change perceptions with the release of their Precision Beauty Styler

  If you were to view the contents of any woman’s makeup bag you’ll probably find several mascaras, a few foundations, eyeliners, blushers, highlighters and eyeshadow. What you probably won’t find however is a eyebrow trimmer. You’ve probably had a quick look in your own makeup bag and realised how true this is. So why the aversion against brow trimmers? Namely they are perceived as…

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How to apply eyeliner like a pro

Applying eyeliner may seem scary, especially if you’re a newbie. Once you’ve got the hang of it however it literally is like a walk in the park. Liquid eyeliners are great for beginners in my opinion as they flow really easily and there isn’t the stiffness you can get with some gel or kohl eyeliners. Try to hold your hand as steady as possible, pull…

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July monthly beauty favourites

We’re almost halfway through July and Summer has finally made an appearance. Whilst we were waiting for the sun I was busy rediscovering some old favourites that I had long forgotten about – and a few new gems. Clarins True Radiance foundation I bought this ages ago and loved it but since abandoned it for many other foundations. Whilst they have all performed pretty well,…

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Salon Science helps to restore radiance to hair with their new range of hair care

What the brand says Salon Science have come up with a innovative new range of hair products that blend the use of science with beauty. The award winning brand Salon Science uses the science behind what makes a product work with the hair to create products that are designed for hair loss, anti ageing, repair and radiance and hydration and scalp sensitivity. The products are…

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Top tips on how to have a great pamper night

Whether you’ve had a awful day at work, the kids are running you ragged or you need your stress levels to take a hike – sometimes there really is a need for a good pampering. Even if you’re feeling fine there’s always an excuse for a bit of me time. So put your feet up, make a cup of tea and note how to have…

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