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Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails and Blooming False Lashes Review and Competition

With the warmer weather Summer is the perfect season to let your hair down, dress up and have fun. Not one to miss a party Kiss have released their new strip lash Blooming Lash and collection of Gel Fantasy nails. Nothing can transform a look more than beautiful long lashes. As great as it is mascara can only do so much in improving the look…

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How to minimise pores

Enlarged pores can be a pain, especially if you suffer from them a lot and they start to become the only thing you focus on every day. Pores are tiny hair follicles in the skin that don’t cause any issues until they become clogged up with dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Blackheads and spots are also prone to enlarging pores, especially if you squeeze…

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Maybelline NY Bricks Bronzer in Blondes Review

What the brand says Even if the sun doesn’t shine this Summer Maybelline has it in hand with their NY Bricks bronzer. Whilst most bronzers and highlighters come separately Maybelline has combined them in one compact to give a warm glow. The palette is available in one shade Blonde. The Lowdown I saw this and thought it was so cute with the delicate multicoloured shimmer…

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In flight beauty essentials

Your tickets are booked and your suitcase is full of assorted bikinis, vest tops, shorts and cute little dresses. It’s almost time to pop on your sunglasses and head to the airport, but before you go don’t forget your in flight beauty essentials. Knowing how to keep your skin hydrated is important on a flight, especially if you’re going long haul due to the pressure…

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Skinbreeze Rejuvenation Serum review

What the brand says If you’ve tried what seems like every ageing cream to exist and still pulled at your wrinkles in despair then seeing the ‘next best thing’ in age repair probably makes you recoil inside. Skinbreeze Rejuvenation Serum claims to be different through the use of neuropeptides that reduce the signs of ageing by using neurotransmission to contract the muscles. The contraction helps…

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L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation Video Review

You may have seen Lancome’s miracle cushion foundation, lusted after it but realised it wasn’t quite in your price range. There’s an answer in reach now though with L’Oreal’s version of the cushion foundation – L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation. The foundation uses the same concept as Lancome but is so much cheaper and works so well! Check out my video review in my latest…

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MUA Pixel Perfect Multi Blush Pink Blossom review

What the brand says Summer brings sun (well sometimes), longer days, holidays and lots of exciting new makeup products. MUA’s latest release is no exception with the unveiling of their new Pixel Perfect Multi blush. The powder blush is available in four shades; Cherry Charm, Coral Spice, Peach Bloom and Pink Blossom. Depending on whether you want a light flush or darker glow there is…

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Most disappointing beauty products June 2016

I always buy a products with high hopes at what it can do and how it can improve my look. When a product fails to live up to its potential it’s a massive disappointment especially if I’d read rave reviews! I bought quite a few new beauty products in June and there were a few that really weren’t worth the money. Makeup Revolution Ultra Face…

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Nail of the day: Barry M Gelly Hi-shine in Dragon Fruit

  There’s nothing better than a Summer’s day with a beaming sun, a pretty dress and cute summery nails to match. Barry M Gelly Hi shine nail paint in Dragon Fruit is a gorgeous baby pink shade that will look perfect with that little tea dress. The varnish is quite sparse when I applied it and it took a few layers to get my desired…

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate lipstick in Wine 107 review

What the brand says Leading lady Kate Moss has teamed up with Rimmel to create a new collection of colour enriched lipsticks. Enriched with Ruby Powder to intensity the colour the lipsticks have a velvet matte finish. There are currently 4 shades in the collection. The Lowdown I’d heard a lot about these lipsticks, especially the lipstick in 110 as I read it rivalled a…

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