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How to get over a breakup (no matter how old you are)

When you’ve just split up with someone it can feel raw and like you’ll never recover. Discover the top tips on how to deal with a breakup and move on with your head held high Going through a breakup is tough. It may seem even more so with age. Even though people deal with heartbreak in many different ways, all breakups have one thing in…

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Discover how a digital detox can help you reconnect with friends and family

Fed up of seeing the world through your mobile phone? Perhaps it’s time to do a digital detox. Discover the 7 important steps to help you connect with the real world again. In today’s modern age it seems like everywhere you look people are glued to their phone. Whether it’s out at dinner, in the break room at work or even in bed with your…

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Look hot this summer with the ultimate swimwear wish list

Not sure what’s going to look good around the beach this summer? You can rely on me to provide you with 10 of the hottest swimwear and accessories Can you believe we’re only two months away from June? The year has already flown by and I can imagine the countdown to Summer will be over in a blink of an eye. To get you all…

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Discover how Quora can increase your blog traffic

Use the information app Quora to start building referral traffic to your brand Whilst there are many methods you can try to increase your blog traffic, Quora is a relatively new innovative way to reach wider audiences. If you haven’t yet heard of it, Quora is a app that works very much like a information database. Similar to Google you can type your question in…

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How to save money on food

Avoid spending money needlessly on food when you can make massive discounts simply by looking in the right places. Here’s my top tips on how to save money on food. Food is one of the biggest expenses of every household. Whether you live alone or with your family, discovering how to save money on food is always a must. Here’s some of my favourite tips…

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The definitive guide to younger looking skin

Are you looking older then you really are? Discover the steps you can take to get younger looking skin The aging process does not forgive anyone and, with the passing of time, you might notice a new wrinkle or fine lines around your eyes. The best thing you can do to reduce the signs of aging is develop a foolproof skincare routine which will help…

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Add the finishing touch to your outfit with Adexe Watch London

Discover how to add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit with Adexe Watch London. Get started today by entering to win my latest competition No outfit is complete without jewellery. Whilst I have many necklaces and earrings to choose from I’m always a bit more selective when it comes to choosing a watch. I like a watch to be dainty and feminine, something that…

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The high paying MSR survey app that rewards you for your data

Fed up of poor paying survey panels? It’s time to join the MSR survey app and get paid what your valuable data is truly worth When you’re doing a survey you want to know you’re getting a decent reward for giving your data away. If a surveys asking for your relationship status, how much you earn and your opinion on politics you expect to be…

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Go back to the heyday of rail at Kent and East Sussex Railway

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work on a real life steam railway, you’ll love to know about the behind the scene tours at Kent and East Sussex Railway. Kent and East Sussex Railway are one of only 2 heritage railways which offer HMRI approved tours. Each tour comprises of only 5 people which means it’s a lot more personal and customised to…

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Smashbox O-Glow – the innovative blusher that creates a unique glow

Fed up of blushers that are always the wrong shade? Smashbox O-Glow has been designed to take the frustration out of getting that rosy glow. Check out the download in my Smashbox O-Glow review. When buying a new blusher do you ever find that sometimes you’ll pick a shade so bright you look like Coco the clown? Finding the right blusher shade for you can…

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