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Smashbox O-Glow – the innovative blusher that creates a unique glow

Fed up of blushers that are always the wrong shade? Smashbox O-Glow has been designed to take the frustration out of getting that rosy glow. Check out the download in my Smashbox O-Glow review. When buying a new blusher do you ever find that sometimes you’ll pick a shade so bright you look like Coco the clown? Finding the right blusher shade for you can…

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How to hit 1 million Pinterest monthly views

Want to know the secret of getting a million Pinterest monthly views? In my latest post I’ll show you how you can increase your Pinterest reach and reach that magic 1 million visitors. The figure 1 million is pretty amazing isn’t it – a real symbol of success. We all dream to hit big in life whether that’s on the lottery or by getting our…

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5 tips on how to become a beauty entrepreneur

Want to be the next Huda Kattan? My latest guest post gives you all the information you need to discover if you have what it takes to be a beauty entrepreneur. It’s time to get your thinking caps on! As with any private business, if you want to be successful as a beauty entrepreneur, you need to be at the top of your game. Whilst…

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Use your social media following to make money in minutes

If you’re looking for a influencer app where you get paid for social media posts, Manifest is the app for you If you’re a influencer you know there are many apps out there that pay you to share reviews or insights on the latest products to hit the market. Whilst apps like Tribe pay well, they are incredibly selective and you could spend hours creating…

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Huda Beauty Power Pinks review

Discover some of Huda Beauty’s most popular pink shades with Huda Beauty Power Pinks matte lipstick set Huda Beauty is often considered the best of the best with rich highly pigmented makeup products. I’m always looking for a matte lipstick that gives me the longwear pretty much all brands promise, and I had high hopes that Huda Liquid matte lipsticks would fit the bill. I…

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The self-care habit: Learning what it means to love yourself

Before anyone can love you, you need to love yourself. Discover the self-care habits that will help you get back to loving number one As Andre Gide once said: “Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.” However, loving yourself takes more than words and opinions, it takes actions. The only sensible way for you to do so is to adopt several crucial self-care habits. Some of…

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What I’m most looking forward to about Spring

It’s almost time say au revoir to Winter and welcome the bright colourful days of Spring. Discover my favourite things about Spring Out of all the seasons Spring is definitely one I look forward to the most. With the cold weather on the way out, lots of bank holidays to look forward to and the lighter days it’s a season full of prospect. Discover what…

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The photo and video apps that make blogging easier

Make your blogging life easier with 3 must have video and photos apps We all know that taking photos and videos is pretty much part and parcel of the blogging world. When it comes to choosing the right photo editor and video apps I want something that’s easy to use and gets the job done quickly. Discover 3 of my favourite apps that make my…

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Enter to win a contour makeup and highlighter beauty bundle

If you love your face looking on fleek don’t miss your chance to win my latest contour makeup and highlighter beauty competition. If you’re the queen of contour and love highlighting then you’re going to love my latest competition. I’m giving away a collection of contour makeup and highlighting products from Revolution and ELF. There’s even a bonus Bybi Beauty lip plumper thrown in too.…

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5 fun and smart ways to spend £10k

What would you do if you won £10k? Would you splurge it all on a new car or put it towards a house deposit? Discover the fun and smart ways I’d spend £10k I enter a lot of competitions and lotteries as I love the thrill of winning. Whilst I haven’t won a big amount of money yet I’m always dreaming of the day that…

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