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Benefit Confessions of A Concealaholic – Erase Paste

      So it’s back to reviewing my big box of tricks from Benefit – Confessions of a Concealaholic. Today I will be looking at the small pot of Erase Paste that comes with the set. This is a creamy concealer that comes in three shades light, medium and dark to suit different skin tones. You can apply using either a brush or your…

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NYC New York Color: Sunsational Mineral Bronzer

In modern times its all about mineral makeup and how good it is for your skin. In all honesty of all the mineral products I have tried I can’t say I’ve been particularly impressed with any of them. They’re genreally more expensive and don’t really do anything different! The NYC selection is a really cheap makeup range and having tried a few of their eyeshadows…

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The Happy Couple: Duo Blusher and Bronzer

When you’re short on money buying a product that is both a blusher and a bronzer is a real bargain. This blusher/bronzer duo has a lovely cute cartoon design that looks more alike Benefit packaging then Primark and really inspires you to pick it off the shelf. Today I am just reviewing the blusher part of the package. As described on the box the blusher…

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I have always loved the L’Oreal range of eyeshadows as they’ve always provided a result that seems to surprise you in one way or another. The Chrome intensity eyeshadows are supposed to give your eyes that real intense look you can only get with highly pigmented eyeshadows. The range is available at variable prices depending on where you shop from around £5 and Chrome intensity…

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W7 Carnival Dust Eyeshadow: The Fuchsia Thistle Sparkle

W7 are a range of makeup that can only normally be found online on sites like Amazon but have a large selection of facial makeup available like eyeshadows, mascara etc. The Carnival Dust range are similar to Barry M eyeshadows in which they contain a small pot of glitter that gives a sparkly glam look. Today I tried The Fuchsia Thistle Sparkle in 22 which…

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Champneys Collection: Perfect Lips Plumping Lip Gloss

Many lipglosses claim to have the power to pump up your lips but do they really? I put Champneys plumping lip gloss to the test. Champneys products are generally mid range prices but I believe I got this lip gloss on sale reduced from £6 to £3. They are available from all large Sainsbury’s or online. The product looks quite fancy and claims to give…

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Benefit Confessions of A Concealaholic – Booing shade 2

When you need to cover up a blemish or dark circles concealer can be one of the most vital make up elements known to man. For years I’ve strived to find a concealer that will hide dark circles and give me back an all over fair complexion. So far I’ve tried virtually every concealer going (well it feels that way anyway) and still can’t say…

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The cheek of it pink blusher

Do you feel that expensive makeup is really unneccesary when you can get the same effect without breaking the bank. TJ Hughes department stores have a small range of makeup products you’ve probably not heard of but they offer decent results for half the price. After browsing yesterday I found The Cheek of it which is a selection of rather pink blushers – from baby…

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Avon Anew lash transforming mascaras and serum

Any girl who’s into her makeup will know there’s far too many mascaras out there, that’s why its my job to try them all and get back to you whether they’re any good. I got this one free after buying a Anew product from the Avon catalogue. It’s normally about £10.50 and claims to drastically increase the size of your lashes. I’m generally not a…

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Brit awards launch party 2011

A couple of weeks ago I attempted to attend the Brit Awards launch party with tickets I had won in a competition. Didn’t get in which enraged me as ‘there was a lack of space’ but I did get some quality photos of Tinie Tempah and Olly Murs who happened to be standing outside. Check these bad boys out!         Finally to…

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