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And the winner is…

Chloe Samantha who is the proud winner of the Revlon Beyond Natural mascara. If you enjoyed this competition you’ll be glad to know there will be more coming soon!…

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Oh Eugenie what were you thinking!

Now the picture says it all – who in their right mind would wear that get up to a wedding that is going to be broadcast to millions of people?! I’m sure they won’t be living that nans curtains meet nans ornaments meet nans best frock fashion statement down anytime soon. Where is the style?! Comments welcome 🙂…

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Calvin Klein Brush Set

 If you often find yourself struggling to find a brush set that will have a function for every application then you really don’t need to look any further. The Calvin Klein brush set is designed exactly to replenish a woman’s tired and worn old brushes.Although you do have to buy seperately you can buy brushes such as a large powder brush, angled cheek brush, concealer…

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For all you beauty lovers here’s a competiton that’s bound to get your fingers typing faster then they would when your favourite person is online. To win a brand new Revlon Beyond Natural all you have to do is follow my blog, write one comment on one other blog post and answer one simple question: Abbey Clancy and footballer Peter Crouch had their first baby…

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ROC Minesol Triple Defense

ROC Minesol Triple Defense suntan lotion is perfect for those with sensitive skin, or babies or children who need that little bit of extra protection in the sun. With protection from UVA rays and SPF factor 50 it is a really strong deterrent for the suns rays. The tube is 200ml so it will last quite a few applications when you really need it on…

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Elizabeth Arden Sun Goddess Bronzing Powder

  Like most girls everyone looks healthier with a warm glow and I’m no different. Bronzers give you the effect that you’ve been living it up in some warm, gorgeous haven without even having to leave your bedroom. Elizabeth Arden’s bronzing powder comes in a really pretty package with warm colours that instantly make you warm to the product itself. On opening the bronzer box…

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Beauty UK Glitter Eyeliner

When out looking for a glittery eyeliner one day I was specifically looking for Collection 2000, but when  I couldn’t find the right one  I was looking for  I tried this make instead. Beauty UK are a cheap makeup range available in most Superdrug stores, they sell eyeshadows, concealers, foundations, blushers etc and offer a cheap alternative to the expensive brands like Revlon. This liner…

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Rimmel London Eyeshadow Alluring

The Rimmel London collection of eyeshadows offer you a velvety smooth experience that will really make you enjoy wearing their shadows. Rimmel shadow in alluring is a strong dark blue colour that makes you think posh, which is a really good look for a night out or something formal. It’s easily applicable with your fingers and slides on quite smoothly. You find you do need…

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Miss Sporty: Shimmer Dust in Allure

Miss Sporty eyeshadow in Allure retails at around £2 and gives off a gorgeous alluring (see the play on words there) colour that will really draw attention to your eyes. To apply simply dip your finger into the pot and dab onto your eyelid or use a small brush and apply it to your lid that way. The colour is really shimmery and almost bronze…

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Lacura Powder Blush in Sunset

The Aldi makeup range isn’t that well known but it offers a select number of makeup items such as mascara and blushers. The items are really cheap at a couple of pounds each and are can easily be slipped in with your shopping. The blusher in sunset comes with a really handy mirror so its perfect for slipping in your handbag and applying on the…

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