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NYX Faux Marble lipstick review

nyx faux marble lipstick review

The latest trend to be unveiled by NYX are marble lipsticks in their new NYX Faux Marble lipstick collection. Unlike your usual one (occasionally two) solid colour bullets, marbled lipsticks have a swirl of four different shades. There are currently four shades available; Lilac (light purple), Primrose (light pink), Periwinkle (light blue) and Berry (dark purple). Each colour in the lipstick is designed to blend together as you apply it and create a unique shade unlike any other you own. They have a pearlescent glossy finish.

nyx faux marble lipstick in primrose review

When I first saw the lipsticks I was dubious as to whether they’d work. The colours in the bullet were all so vast and different and it seemed hard to believe that it could create a consistent shade. I chose Primrose as it seemed to have most of the colours I thought would work well together. Nyx Faux Marble lipstick is comfortable to wear and does leave my lips feeling moisturised. The overall effect of Primrose is very subtle and I didn’t really notice much of a difference between my natural colour and that of the lipstick. It has a very pale pink finish with a glossy sheen. I was expecting it to be a little brighter so I was a little disappointed with that. After probably about a hour the lipstick had faded away completely. Considering how little colour the lipstick had in the first place I’m seriously disappointed with this release from NYX.

nyx faux marble lipstick in primrose swatch

As you can see from the review NYX marbled lipstick fails to deliver on a number of levels. Whilst it feels comfortable to wear and is moisturising, it has very little colour to it and does not last very long at all. Obviously not all lipsticks will last all day but I do expect a bit more longevity then barely a hour, especially if it costs more than a couple of quid. Whilst I haven’t tried all the shades in the range I did think Primrose was the nicest out of the whole collection. I give it 2/5 simply for how comfortable it is to wear. What do you think? Have you tried the lipstick?

Buy it now for £8.00

nyx marble lipstick primrose before and after



nyx faux marble lipstick primrose review