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NYX Baked Blush Review | Now available at Very

The Hype
Nyx Baked Blush is the revolutionary new blusher that has been designed to be used wet or dry for intense colour. The pigment rich blusher is suitable for all skin types and tones and is great for giving skin a natural highlighted glow.

The product is currently available in 12 different shades on the NYX website including Ladylike, Full on Femme, Wanderlust, Foreplay and Suga Mama.

The Lowdown
I was lucky enough to be given the chance to test Full on Femme, a rich pink shimmery shade. Blushers are a integral part of my daily makeup routine and I really feel they’re fantastic for adding simple contour to your face and adding definition. The blusher comes in simple plastic packaging with a cute bow clasp. A quick glance at the blusher shows just how pigmented it is and I’m interested in seeing if that transfers over when it’s applied.

Whilst the blusher looks very pigmented in the packaging it is quite hard to get a build up of colour on the skin and it took a number of applications to get visible colour. On the plus side whilst it is very faint the look is very natural and would be perfect for those who don’t want it to look obvious they’re wearing makeup.

Overall a nice blusher that is let down by its weak colour transfer. I give it 2/5

You can currently get 4 of the shades on the Very website. If you want to try the rest you can find them on Nyx home page but it is a American website so be warned!

Available for £7.00 at Very