NYC New York Color: Sunsational Mineral Bronzer

In modern times its all about mineral makeup and how good it is for your skin. In all honesty of all the mineral products I have tried I can’t say I’ve been particularly impressed with any of them. They’re genreally more expensive and don’t really do anything different!

The NYC selection is a really cheap makeup range and having tried a few of their eyeshadows in the past I was impressed. So after seeing a new mineral bronzer available I thought I’d give it a go as an alternative to my other powder bronzers. The product doesn’t seem to really come out evenly and just ends up all over your clothes which can be quite irritating so remember to use a clean surface when applying.

Its relatively easy to use with a twist bottom to get powder into the applicator brush and simply means you don’t have to get out as many brushes in the morning. I applied this all over my face (cheeks, forehead, nose) etc to get an all over glow and was expecting a reasonable result.

The product doesn’t sink into your skin very well and a lot of the powder just sat on my face and I had to try rubbing it in. The product gave a slightly tanned look to my skin but it wasn’t really a nice tan it was more a unshimmering version.

                                                       After application

In other words the product didn’t really give me a glow. I’d give it a rating of 1/5.


  • Don’t need to use a brush to apply
  • Cheap


  • Doesn’t give off much of a glow
  • Hard to apply
  • Lid hard to get back onto the brush after use
  • Gives off too much product on application and goes everywhere

NYC products are available in most Superdrug stores.