NYC I Love NY silver eyeshadow review

NYC in I Love NY attracted me with its gorgeous silver white shade.

At only £1.79 this budget buy packed a lot of punch with a rich formulation that had a large amount of  pigment and shine. On swatching I found the eyeshadow to be a lot more white then silver and with quite a intense sparkle.

I applied the eyeshadow to the whole of my eyelid and found the whole area was instantly brightened. I’m not entirely sure if silver is really my colour but it could also be used as a highlighter or eyeliner for a casual look on a summers day.

I love how much pigment this little eyeshadow has, especially considering its price and it has good longevity. However I have to say the product did shift a little bit and I had eyeshadow marks under my eyes after a short period of time.

I give it 3/5


  • At under £2 this pocket friendly eyeshadow won’t have you breaking the bank
  • Highly pigmented
  • Really brightens the eye area
  • Could be used as a eyeliner or highlighter


  • May wash out some skin tones
  • Some of the product shifts slightly and you may end up with silver smudges around the eyes

Get yours for £1.79 at Superdrug