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Next Make Me Beautiful Perfect Cheeks Blusher Review

Next make me beautiful perfect cheeks blusher review

What the brand says
Part of the new Make Me Beautiful collection is the gorgeous shimmer brick. The multi colour blusher is designed to give a radiant shimmer which is long lasting.

The Lowdown
NExt make me beautiful blusher swatchThis blusher brick is simply beautiful and ever so pigmented. It comes in sleek silver packaging and has 5 shades of blush. The colour spectrum is quite varied with a white shimmer, light pink, mid pink, plum and deep pink. When swatched most of the shades had deep pigmentation with intense shimmer apart from the white block which was a lot fainter. The palette is so versatile and can be used altogether as a blush, separately as a blusher using the individual shades, as a highlighter or even as eyeshadows.

I swirled my brush in the four bottom shades to use the palette to its full potential. The colour is simply beautiful with high impact shimmer. The blusher added such fantastic shimmer that I didn’t even need to add highlighter to wear with it. The colour does fade over the day and the shimmer isn’t as strong by the evening but the colour is still visible. I used the white strip as a highlighter on its own when wearing with a normal blusher. The shimmer is quite subtle and it does look like a natural highlighter.

A gorgeous palette that is so versatile and has so much colour impact. I can’t recommend it enough.

I give it 5/5

Get it for £8 online* or in Next stores



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