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Next Make Me Beautiful Get the Look Collection: Glamorous eyes and red lips

next makeup kits

If you’ve read any of my recent posts you probably know I’ve been reviewing a lot of the Next Make Me Beautiful collection. A recent trip to Next led to the discovery of their Christmas kits; a range of their hit products packaged together to create a number of different looks.

Get the Look collection is perfect for adding a spot of glamour to your look. The set contains three eyeshadows, Next Classic Red chubby lipstick, Next Classic red lip liner and black eyeliner.

next perfect look eyeshadowsNext eyeshadows
The set comes with a handy how to do guide on the back and gave guidance on the kind of look you can create with the eyeshadows. The collection contains a gold, dark brown and beige eyeshadow which are my go to shades especially if I want to create a smokey eye look. The gold seems a little brighter in the pan then it does on the lid, whilst the brown appears very dark. The beige shade is very light but it does offer excellent highlight. The finished look is pretty shimmery with a fair amount of pigment. My only real issue with the eyeshadows is that the dark brown eyeshadow seemed quite hard to blend and almost made my eye look dirty (not the best look!). The eyeshadows are long lasting and there’s no fall out. To recreate my look here’s what you need to do:
1. Apply the gold shade across the entire lid
2. Apply the dark brown eyeshadow in a triangular shape along the outer edge of the eye and blend.
3. Finally apply the beige eyeshadow just under the brow bone.

next perfect look eyeshadow smokey eye how to


next make me beautiful eyeliner

Next eyeliner
The eyeliner is a kohl pencil with attached smudger for a smokey eye effect. The pencil gives a much more understated look then my usual eyeliner but is good in the respect it draws more attention to the eyeshadow.

next make me beautiful red lip liner

Next lipliner
The lipliner is in one of my favourite shades and compliments the chubby lipstick perfectly. It glides on easily and is a strong vibrant red. I did find however the eyeliner seemed to fade quite quickly.

next make me beautiful red chubby lipstick
Next chubby lipstick
I love everything about the chubby lipstick. It’s a powerful red that melts onto my lips like butter. The formula is super creamy and moisturising and it didn’t feel drying at all. It also goes really well with lip liner which has been perfectly colour matched. The only real fault is that the creaminess means it doesn’t fare very well with drink so disappears almost instantly if you’re drinking whilst wearing it. Otherwise it lasts around a couple of hours.

The set is a great way of trying out some of the Next makeup collection without spending too much money. So is it as glamorous  as it makes out? The lipstick and lip liner definitely look powerful and add a touch of glamour, my only wish is that the eyeshadows were a little brighter.

I give it 3/5

The set is available for £20 in select Next stores.