New CID I-Pout Lipstick in Berrylicious

The I-Pout lipstick in berrylicious comes from the new makeup brand New Cid. The lipstick comes in a small white box and the lipstick itself is in a white rectangular tube.

Ever since I first tried New Cid lipsticks I have been a big fan, mainly because unlike most lipsticks they don’t feel sticky and uncomfortable on your lips. The colour is a very dark raspberry shade which would go quite well for those who aren’t quite daring enough to try red.

The lipstick glides on really easily, gives my lips a lovely berry shade that isn’t too dark on my skin as I’m quite pale, but still gives me a bit of colour.

As with most Cid lip products there’s a  added light on the lipstick which makes applying in the dark a dream as there’s a mirror attached as well.

The product has a fantastic perfume smell that is absoloutely gorgeous, but it does not leave any aftertaste on your lips.

New Cid lipstick in Berrylicious is a great product, and perfect for all those lipstick lovers

Before                            After


  • Gorgeous perfume smell
  • Nice raspberry shade
  • Glides on really smoothly
  • Has a added mirror and light


  • The only real disadvantage would be that New Cid is not the easiest makeup to get hold of