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New CID Cosmetics – Putting I Glow in Ice Pop to the test!

When I first looked at the box for this product I have to admit  I thought it was a compact powder as that’s what the first words on the box made me think when I read the word powder.

However I got a lovely treat when I opened it up to find a multicolour swirl of reds, pinks and golds. This multi toned blusher is perfect for adding a rich glow and shimmer without having to use any other products.

The product comes in a slightly bulky ivory box which you push open to reveal the product and a handy large mirror.

You can use the colours individually by swatching your brush in the one colour or swirl it all around to get a multi toned effect. I love my blushers rosey and glowy so I swept all the colour onto the brush and applied it to my cheekbones.

Initially on application I felt the colour was too much and when I rubbed it in a bit more the colour seemed to diseppear altogether! I applied it again and it seemed the right sort of colour effect that I desired. The effect was a rosey red but when I turned my head to the side the light reflected and produced a gold glow.

The I glow does live up to its claim to give you a lovely shimmery glow that means you don’t need to use both a blusher and a shimmer product.

Yet another travel friendly product from New CID cosmetics!