New CID Cosmetics I-Shimmer Highlighter


As summer approaches I want to create a fresh, dewy look that doesn’t require much makeup. New CID highlighter is a lovely double ended product that is perfect for adding that little bit of shimmer.

The product comes in a lovely white box with a useful tip on how to apply on the side and has a brush attached so it’s perfect for travel. The highlighter itself is a lovely pastel pink shade which is perfect for this months colours and can be accessed by a simple push up/down system.

The highlighter is quite small so it doesn’t take up much room and this comptactness is another plus point as we always end up with too much makeup!

I applied the product on top of my blusher and rubbed it in with the brush so it wasn’t so obvious. The end result was a subtle shimmer that went across my cheekbones and reflects the light when I move my face. With this product a little is far better then a lot as you could just end up looking really shiny and stupid so be subtle not obvious.

The brush bristles were slightly hard but I’d say that was the only minor fault on the product.

I’d give it a 4/5

You can buy New Cid products at their website

  • Compact
  • Includes a brush so it’s great for travel
  • Gives off a nice shimmer


  • Brush bristles are slightly hard