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New Cid Cosmetics I-Define Rosie Lipliner

Normally I don’t use lip liner as I’ve seen many disasters with poorly applied product ala Jodie Marsh for starters.

If you get the colour wrong its game over as far as I’m concerned, so when it came to reviewing New Cid cosmetics I-Define lipliner in Rosie I was preparing myself for a disaster just in case it happened.

The liner comes in its fab white and silver box packaging and the liner itself is a very stylish silver pen with two lids at either end. One side has a really handy brush ready for blending and the other has a swivel lip liner.

The colour of Rosie is not quite brown but it’s not red either – more a very dark pink/violet colour. My lips are a medium pink colour so I wasn’t sure how the two colours would interact.

The liner was slightly stiff when applying and didn’t go on completely smoothly but the end result was a fine line around my lips. I have to say the colour blended in almost perefctly and there was no obvious I’m wearing lip liner effect. If you don’t want to use lip liner as its intended you can also use it as a base for your lipstick to make it last longer.

All in all its a two in one product which has versatility as it keeps your lipstick on and outlines your lips.

For the first time I would say I’m converted!

After lip liner was applied around my lips

                                            After lipliner was applied to all area of lips as a base