New Cid Coco Pop Lipgloss for luscious lips


I don’t often wear lip gloss as I prefer a splash of scarlet red lipstick but now and again I’ll try something new.

New Cid lip gloss in Coco Pop comes in a standard plastic tube where the real surprise is in the lid. The tube has a small mirror along the side which you can actually see yourself in unlike some where all you get is a blurred image. Inside the lid is the most wonderful surprise, a light which means you can apply your lipgloss in dark locations such as clubs.


The gloss has the most amazing chocolate smell which makes you just want to eat it. It applies really smoothly and does not feel sticky on my lips like some lipgloss residue. The colour is a chocolate brown so probably best worn alone rather then on top of coloured lipstick.

Generally most lip glosses do not tend to last longer then half hour as you subconsciously lick your lips which is completely natural and unavoidable. However I felt the lipgloss lasted probably around two hours without reapplication.

The only downside would be the fact that the colour brown doesn’t go with a huge amount of things and it would look slightly silly applied over say red/pink lipstick.

The overall result was one of glossy lips that felt smooth, not sticky, and with a delicious after taste.

I’d give it 4/5

Before                                                                                  After




  • Gorgeous chocolate smell
  • Easy to apply
  • No stickiness
  • There’s a light inside so you can apply even in the dark
  • Added mirror
  • Much longer lasting then most lipglosses


  • The colour doesn’t match many shades of lipstick so you can’t apply the gloss on top
  • Colour maybe too dark for some