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Go green this summer with MyFace Chrome Lil’Bling Limelight nail varnish

MyFace chrome lil'bling nail varnish

MyFace have come up trumps with their latest range of chrome nail varnishes.

Forgot about your preconceptions of green being a dowdy colour, MyFace in Limelight adds a whole new colour sensation.

Even in the bottle there is a certain luminosity to it and once applied it settles as a metallic, light reflecting green shade. My nails look very modern looking and it would go fantastically with the MyFace eyeshadow also in Limelight.

I love how you only need to apply the nail varnish once to get a good colour, especially as waiting ages for one layer to dry whilst you have to apply another can be really time consuming (especially if you’re going out!). There is virtually zero drying time which is another amazing factor considering the amount of times I apply nail varnish then smudge it all.

I have to say I love this product, green isn’t normally my colour but if they come as shiny as this varnish I’ll choose it over a lovely red every time!

I’ll give it a 5/5