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MyFace Blingtone eyeshadow in Rasberry Beret

MyFace have come up trumps again with another pot of bling.

The eyeshadow in the Rasberry Beret shade is a very girly colour that instantly appealed. The packaging is quite simple but effective at the same time.

The pots don’t come with a brush so I applied with my finger and found the powder passed on with little problem. When I was applying it to my eyelid I came to realise the colour that appears is ever so slightly lighter then it appears in the packaging. The overall effect is a very sweet, baby pink shade that is perfect for a casual trip to town or even the beach.

As a result of the eyeshadow my eyes look very sparkly and even dewy when the light shines on it.

All the MyFace eyeshadow range are made with pearl pigments which explains the amazing sparkle they give off. If you haven’t tried any yet I really recommend you do as they are so perfect at making your eyes stand out!

If you want to know how to wear the MyFace Raspberry Beret eyeshadow try out the Pretty in Pink guide 

myface blingtone raspberry beret review