MyFace Mymix Foundation in Fair

If you have read my other reviews of MyFace you would know I rave about the quality makeup products.

The foundation is no different. Having read good reviews of the foundation I thought I’d give it a try.

The foundation comes in a creamy solution which you rub onto the face, I tend to only apply a few blobs to the top of my hand as there will be a lot of wastage otherwise.

I feel the product sinks in to my skin really easily and only takes a few brushes to get the excess material off and rubbed in. The colour match is pretty good and I don’t end up looking orange like I did with the new Rimmel foundation!

The end result is a dewy polished look that could almost appear
airbrushed. All of the red areas of my skin are blended in and I look
presentable to face the day. I would definitely recommend this product.

Over time a few parts of the foundation do rub off and any
discoloured areas may show through so it probably has around 6-8 hour
coverage before you need to reapply.

The only other issues are sometimes the bottle seems to get stuck up like it
has a blockage. This might give the impression there’s nothing less when
there is and you might end up throwing away a perfectly usable product.
Just watch out for that one!

I’d give it a 4/5.
Before foundation

                                                   After foundation


  • Great coverage
  • Good colour match
  • Overall look is very polished


  • Bottle gets blocked up quite easily
  • Over a few hours the foundation can wear thin in certain areas so dry skin might show through