My Skincare Routine

Since I was fairly young my skincare routine has always been quite important to me. I have always had quite good skin (lucky I guess!) but I do still get redness and the odd spot so value the importance of using the right products.

My skin tends to be normal in pretty much all areas apart from my t-zone which is oilier. Over the years I have developed a routine which works and I tend to stick to it pretty religiously, although I do try different products.

For 4 days of the week I use Nivea Daily Essentials foaming cleanser which gives my skin a good wash and helps to clear dead skin cells sitting on the surface, oil, dirt and makeup residues.

On the remaining 3 days I use Nspa Grapefruit Raspberry face scrub to exfoliate my skin and remove the dead skin cells. I found this brand in Asda and absolutely love them. They smell amazing and my skin feels really soft after use. They have a wide range of reasonably priced products including body wash and moisturisers. I highly recommend you take a look at the products and see what takes your fancy.

In the morning I moisturise with L’Occitane Ultra Gentle Moisturiser. This gets my skin prepped for my makeup base and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

At night I have started to use The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. The mask is quite unusual in that it literally bounces back after you have used some of the cream. The cream does feel a little bit sticky when I rub it into my skin but that disappears after a while. I’m hoping it will really help reverse the fine lines on my face!

Do you like to keep a regular skincare routine? Let me know in the comments below what you use to keep your skin blemish free.