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My First Flight

My first flight

My first flight was when I was the grand old age of 19, so in comparison to some who start flying when they’re still a babe I was pretty old. I wanted to go abroad before then, and I did go to Spain with the school when I was 13 but that was unfortunately on a coach. I can’t tell you how rubbish it is sitting on a coach for over 24 hours!

So when me, a old friend, her boyfriend and my ex boyfriend decided to go to Greece together I realised this would be my first ever flight. I was quite excited and a little nervous although not too much. Our flight was ridiculously early and I think we got to the airport at like 3am. Mcdonalds was open and they all had some food but I was feeling pretty ill at this point (due to the early morning maybe?) so I didn’t eat anything. After a while we boarded our flight and waited to take off.

I had packed lots of sweets because I had heard lots of stories about people’s ears popping and how much it could hurt. My friend kept asking me how I felt and was I nervous, which of course only makes things worse. I didn’t have the window seat but I could still see it and made sure I was looking out when it took off. The best bit about take off was the acceleration and I still love it now, there’s nothing better then that feeling of intense speed. It did feel really strange taking off for the first time and gave a slightly odd sensation in my head but overall I didn’t feel too bad!

Since my first flight I have been on a few holidays abroad although not as many as I’d like. I am yet to experience my first long haul flight! I get bored on a 4 hour flight so I can imagine that will be quite tedious. I would love to go to New York, Florida and Las Vegas amongst others so I will definitely experience a long haul sometime soon.

When was your first flight and how did you find it?