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MUA Lip Boom 4 in 1 lip product In Bring It

It’s not just a lipstick or lipgloss but a multi functional lip product that is suitable for every occasion. It’s not often you find a lip product that has four functions. Make Up Academy (MUA) Lip Boom has been designed with the help of Alexandra Burke and is perfect for the modern girl.

You can wear this lipstick alone for a matte look. The lipstick is a bright red and glides on really easily, however there is a slight waxy feel that isn’t very moisturising.

To create a alternative look I applied the lipgloss to the centre of my lips to provide a full volume illusion. The gloss is really sparkly and has the most amazing vanilla smell. I was impressed with the way the gloss gave a 3d effect through its positioning in the centre of my lips.

For many girls choosing between lipstick or lipgloss is a difficult one. Choosing between colour or shine is a hard choice but with MUA you don’t have to choose. I applied the lipgloss over the lipstick for a bright glossy look. Unlike some products that lose colour when lipgloss is applied the lipstick stayed intact and my lips felt smooth and non sticky.

For a casual day look you can choose to wear the lipgloss alone. It glides on so well and has a light feel that isn’t sticky. The colour is actually really sparkly and catches the light.

I have to say I’m very impressed with this product. I often find with lip glosses the shine is minimal or short lasting and some are very sticky. This product is none of these and it’s fantastic that you can wear it in four different ways:

•Wearing the lipstick alone
•Apply the lipgloss to just the centre of the lips when wearing lipstick
•Wear lipstick with lipgloss all over the lips
•Wearing lipgloss on its own

I’ll give the product 5/5


•Amazing value for money – 4 products in one
•Product is long lasting
•Lipgloss has great shine
•Lipgloss isn’t sticky


•Lipstick has a slight waxy feel