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MUA Blush Perfection cream blusher in Bittersweet

MUA blush perfection in Bittersweet is a delicate pink cream blusher.

The blusher can be applied easily with the tip of the finger and rubbed gently into the skin.

With MUA Blush Perfection I found that the cream seems to sink straight into the skin and you need to apply a lot of blusher to see a visible result.

The colour is really subtle even after several applications and gives a ‘just pinched’ look, rather then a rosey glow.

As the colour is quite light it does fade quite quickly over the period of the day and will need to be reapplied.

On that basis I give MUA Blush Perfection 3/5



•As a cream blusher MUA Blush Perfection is suitable for most skins, young and old
•Good if you want a more natural blush
•Reasonably priced product

•The applied colour is very faint which isn’t suitable for everyone
•The colour fades quite quickly over the period of the day

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