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Most disappointing beauty products June 2016

disappointing beauty products june 2016

I always buy a products with high hopes at what it can do and how it can improve my look. When a product fails to live up to its potential it’s a massive disappointment especially if I’d read rave reviews! I bought quite a few new beauty products in June and there were a few that really weren’t worth the money.

makeup revolution ultra face base primerMakeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer
For some reason virtually every product on the Makeup Revolution website has rave reviews which is always a bit suspect – what company has great reviews on every product?! I do love their products though and was expecting a lot of the Ultra Face Base primer. Ultimately though the primer didn’t live up to my expectations. It was supposed to be oil free but I think my t-zone was just as oily as it ever was. I also didn’t think it made my makeup look fresh for any longer then normal.
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revlon ultra volume mascara
Revlon Ultra Volume mascara
Not long ago Revlon launched a whole collection of new mascaras that were each designed to do a specific thing. The collection was broken down into five mascaras; there was one for volume, length, definition, volume and length and the ultimate all in one. I bought the Ultra Volume mascara and was expecting massive lashes. The result was quite thin lashes that did not look volumised at all. Massive waste of money in my opinion!
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mua luxe strobe and glow highlight kit

MUA Luxe Strobe and Glow highlight kit
As one of the newest highlighter kits to come from MUA I was hoping to get a gorgeous glow with this product. Sadly it wasn’t to be – the powder didn’t really do much and the cream gave a bit of highlight but nowhere near as much as I’d expect. Good if you like your highlight very, very natural – but isn’t that defeating the object of applying highlighter?! If you want to see a full review of this head over to Youtube here.
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