Models Own collaborate with Midori to create Discover your Midori


Models Own unveil their latest collaboration collection Discover Your Midori.

The Limited Edition set comprises of three green shaded varnishes that have the unique Midori Melon scent.

The varnishes were quite thin so they did require a few coats before my whole nail was completely covedred. I chose to alternate wtih the My Midori, Golden Green and used Dancing Queen varnish as a statement nail. Golden Green has a great finish and areal shine but I did feel My Midori was a bit of a let down, even after three coats I could still see my nail through the colour. I layered Dancing Queen on and it makes a fab 3D effect.  Dancing Queen has a real mix of colours with blue, green, gold colours in a range of different shapes.

I can’t say I really noticed much of a melon smell which is a shame as the colleciton is based on the Midori liquer.

Find out more at Discover Your Midori

I give the set a 3/5

Buy yours for £15 at Models Own. Be quick it is Limited Edition!


  • Three fab nail varnishes in one set
  • You can create varied looks with the set layering the glitter on top of the gren shades or using it alone


  • I couldn’t really detect the melon scent

*this was sent to me as a sample