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Miss Sporty Ohh Blushed Again Two Tones

Miss Sporty Ooh 2 tones blusher is a little pot of joy, a blusher and bronzer all in one container. The tiny blusher has two tones of blush – a large rosey red outer circle and bronzer inner circle.I’m a big fan of blusher but never apply bronzer much unless I’m going out in the evening so having the two in one place is a fantastic idea.

When applying I swivelled the brush in both sets of colours so I got a lovely blush colour for a natural blushed look. With this product it’s best only to apply a little bit of product as the colour that comes out is really rich and gives you a instant glow. Sometimes the colour can be too intense and I find I have to rub the product in more so the colour reduces a bit.

As a Miss Sporty product the blusher is really cheap to buy so it’s fantastic value for money and you can find it for a great price in most Superdrug stores.

Overall this is a great product that combines a blusher and bronzer all in one that gives a brilliant rosey effect without the price tag!