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Miners Kiss Me Quick Moisturising Lipstick Review



The Gloss
Infused with a moisturising formula of Aloe Vera and Jojoba, Kiss Me Quick is a delectable red lipstick with rich coral undertones. The lipstick glides onto your lips leaving them feeling moisturised whilst adding a gorgeous splash of colour.

The Lowdown
The packaging is simple but effective and gives it more of a premium feel. The soft red shade isn’t too intimidating and the coral undertones add a bit of warmth. When I applied the lipstick it did feel slightly sticky but I did like how the colour glided on easily without resistance. Whilst the shade seems quite muted on the stick I found the colour was actually quite vibrant when on and really drew attention to my lips. After a while I found the stickiness seemed to fade and my lips were left feeling moisturised.

At £3.99 this lipstick is a real bargain with really strong colour and caring properties.

I give it 4/5

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