Meet The Body Shop’s White Musk Older Sister: Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose


If you grew up in the 90’s there was one perfume that stood out amongst the rest and that was the Body Shop’s White Musk.

Now it’s back and with a sexier, grown up feel relaunched as White Musk Smoky Rose. The Body Shop describe it as a: daring and mysterious fragrance, featuring a cruelty-free musk with notes of black smoky rose and tobacco flower’. 

The bottle is quite simple and the scent comes in both Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum.

The scent is very deep and whilst the first notes are quite fruity I did feel the tobacco flower really weighed it down  so it didn’t remain as fruity as I would have liked. It does have a very grown up feel to it and would be great for a meal out or a formal event.

Whilst the scent is not my cup of tea, it would be great for those who prefer perfumes more muskier then sweet.

What do you think of the new relaunch?

I give it 3/5

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  • Has a grown up feel
  • Great for formal or evening events


  • For those who prefer sweeter scents this may not be the perfume for you