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Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Colour in Pinking of You

The Hype
Maybelline Superstay 24 hour lip colour is a dual ended product that is designed to challenge expectation on the length of time the colour lasts. Available in 35 shades the lip colour aims to prevent crumbling, caking, fading, feathering and transferring onto objects.

The Lowdown
I know Maybelline Super Stay isn’t a new product but I always love trying new lipsticks. For the purposes of the review I am trying Pinking of You. Whilst there are 35 shades advertised on the Maybelline website I was a bit bewildered to see Pinking of You wasn’t there. I found the lip colour in Asda but you can also pick it up at Morrisons online for £6. You’ll probably find the colour availability is a bit hit and miss depending on the venue you buy it from.

Pinking of You has a gorgeous silky pink shade that glides on without any resistance. The lip colour does feel quite dry initially but the attached gloss really helps to add a bit of moisture to your lips so its feels a lot more comfortable. The colour is quite light but it does have a really glossy finish. Unfortunately the lipstick doesn’t live up to its promise to last 24 hours. In just a few hours it had completely disappeared and you’d hardly notice I had even put it on. It did however keep to the promise of no caking, crumbling, feathering or transferring onto objects.

I was a bit disappointed with this, I don’t know if it was the colour but I was really expecting it to last longer.

I give it 2/5