Maybelline SilkGlam by Eyestudio

Maybelline SilkGlam by Eyestudio is a quad eyeshadow pallette with a colour range of golds and browns.

The shadows come in a neat plastic container with handy brush which is double ended – including a normal and thin tip.

The colours are designed to compliment each other and there is a handy design on the back telling you what shadow should be applied on what area of the eye. I feel the guide is very simple and easy to use with a picture of a eye cross referencing to the numbers of each colour.

I did feel however that the colours above the main eyeshadow don’t really mix too well, I’m not sure if it’ just me not doing it properly or the fact that the colours just don’t blend in. I felt the overall look was a bit stiff and obvious and not the sparkly look I would expect from such colours.

However you can use the colours as a quad or on their own and mix and match for different looks which always gives good value for money.

I’d give it a 2.5/5